It’s Hard To Be A Global Warming Alarmist


The religion of apocalyptic climate change has entered into it’s Crusade stage, and it’s ugly: Via  Via

Tens of millions of pounds of UK aid money have been spent on a programme that has forcibly sterilised Indian women and men, the Observer has learned. Many have died as a result of botched operations, while others have been left bleeding and in agony. A number of pregnant women selected for sterilisation suffered miscarriages and lost their babies.

The UK agreed to give India £166m to fund the programme, despite allegations that the money would be used to sterilise the poor in an attempt to curb the country’s burgeoning population of 1.2 billion people.

Sterilisation has been mired in controversy for years. With officials and doctors paid a bonus for every operation, poor and little-educated men and women in rural areas are routinely rounded up and sterilised without having a chance to object. Activists say some are told they are going to health camps for operations that will improve their general wellbeing and only discover the truth after going under the knife.

Court documents filed in India earlier this month claim that many victims have been left in pain, with little or no aftercare. Across the country, there have been numerous reports of deaths and of pregnant women suffering miscarriages after being selected for sterilisation without being warned that they would lose their unborn babies.

Yet a working paper published by the UK’s Department for International Development in 2010 cited the need to fight climate change as one of the key reasons for pressing ahead with such programmes. The document argued that reducing population numbers would cut greenhouse gases, although it warned that there were “complex human rights and ethical issues” involved in forced population control.

So, to be clear, we have a religion that believes the world is undergoing dramatic warming due to significant positive feedback loops which can only be prevented by building wind energy that only contributes to the problem and that thinks involuntary sterilizations are an okay measure to take.

I thought shutting down coal plants was bad.

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  1. how does wind power contribute to climate change?

  2. The British Global Warming alarmist who invented Gaia as earth’s single organism, has now recanted . Global warming will now occur over a much longer time frame . James Lovelock admits the world has not warmed in the last 12 years the way it was supposed to .


    There was a recent article about large scale wind farms causing minor warming at ground level by bringing warmer air to the ground at night and early morning .

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