President Obama’s NCAA Bracket: Politics Never Sleep

President Obama unveiled his NCAA March Madness tournament bracket.  Surprise surprise; he picked The University of North Carolina to win it all.

I was curious, so I took a look at the top 8 seeds.

The four #1’s:

  • Kentucky
  • Syracuse
  • Michigan State
  • North Carolina

Then the four #2’s:

  • Duke
  • Ohio State
  • Missouri
  • Kansas

Let’s think this through.

Duke – Are you serious?  You can’t get more 1% than Duke

Ohio State – This one’s a little tougher, but Ohio was successful in over turning the law that limited union power.  He thinks Ohio is safe.

Missouri – Yeah, be nice to have, but look, Michelle ain’t going to Missouri.

Kansas – See Missouri.

Kentucky – Too many rednecks to bother.

Syracuse – Already in the bag for Obama.

Michigan State – HA!  The WHOLE of the State of Michigan is in the bag for Obama.

North Carolina – The only true swing state that matters.

It’s easy.  Obama picks North Carolina!

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