Occupy Wall Street Does Something Right

I have been harsh in my critique of the Occupy crowd.  In reality, the majority of the protesters are unemployed kids who’ve been coddled through life and feel that the world owes them …. something.  They don’t even know what.


I was very surprised today to read something that shocked me.  An idea generated from the 99% that could get even me to join in.  They wanna start a bank:

Members of Occupy SF announced their ambitious plans to turn protesters into bankers by creating the People’s Reserve Credit Union. According to Occupy SF’s Facebook page:

The goal of this project is to encourage San Francisco residents, businesses, as well as nonprofit and city agencies to keep their money out of the big banks and to redistribute that money locally. Initial services will include micro-loans for the working poor and homeless, and subsidized student loans at low interest rates.

This is EXCELLENT news.  And not only because I think that young energetic people who have nothing better to do with their time should get a job, but because I have long LONG begged for the Leftists of the world to unite and build a company, a non-profit, that would put their beliefs into action.

Wanna get food to poor people cheaper?  Open a not for profit grocery store.

Wanna make gasoline affordable?  Open a not for profit gas station.

Cars too expensive?  Open a car dealership?

Jobs for everyone and cheap shit too!

Even more impressive, in my mind, is the actual definition of a plan.  Something that the Left can’t do.  EVER.

Tax the rich, make them pay their fair share!

More money for education; you hate kids!

More money for homeless kids; you hate the poor!

But when asked how much that would be?  When would enough be enough?

Gotz.  Nada.  Nothing.  Blank “I went to Yale and learned bullshit” looks.

But these kids, they got game:

  • Accumulate capital assets of $7 million or more, through investments by different organizations, members, et al.
  • Open two credit union branches within the city of San Francisco. The first branch location in the mid-Market Street corridor , in the former Social Security Administration storefront (MOCD) , with the assistance of other local nonprofits. Each branch will have a cafe within it and a commercial kitchen available to rent.
  • The credit union will employ students and homeless, creating 60 part-time jobs.
  • Issue 300 to 500 micro-enterprise loans (max. $5,000).
  • Add 1,000 people overall to the city employment payroll.
  • Finance and start a food co-op large enough to support a neighborhood.

If THIS is what the 99% is talking about, count me in!

2 responses to “Occupy Wall Street Does Something Right

  1. The majority of Occupy Wall Streeters have jobs. http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2011/11/most-%E2%80%9Coccupy-wall-street%E2%80%9D-protesters-have-jobs/

    I’m sure you’re going to say that it was hyperbole, or that you “just don’t believe” the numbers that people actually researched. But you just spout off on all these things as though they’re fact, and in reality a quick google search would disprove it.

    • I’m sure you’re going to say that it was hyperbole

      Okay, I’ve written and deleted this response like three times.

      You don’t like me calling the OWS folks unemployed drug crazed hippies in the same way I don’t like you calling the Tea Party racist assholes.

      When Conservatives wanna quit spending money on educational policies that don’t educate, we’re labelled as kid haters. When we disagree with government programs that encourage joblessness and dependency, we’re labelled as hating the poor.

      So yeah, I take some time to call out the low hanging fruit as their caricatures demand it. And the fact that it comes across as patently bullshit is kinda the point. That point being this is what the Left sounds like to us. Is it childish and kinda immature? Maybe, sure. Does it bring home the point? Maybe not, we’re all tribal.

      Is it effective? Dunno.

      All I know is that when you push back at me for the tactics that are so blatantly abused by t he Left, it brings this to mind:

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