Yeah, About That Whole Stuck Accelerator Thing?

So, I wonder how many people who heaped blame on Toyota will admit they were wrong?

The Department of Transportation, in its long-awaited report on Toyota’s infamous accelerators, has concluded that cases of cars suddenly speeding off on their own were the result of either sticky pedals, floor mats jammed against the pedals or, quite simply, driver error. In fact, the report cites driver error for most of the mishaps.

Nice.  Driver error.

And for this General Motors The American Government caused untold damages against Toyota.

Go government!

3 responses to “Yeah, About That Whole Stuck Accelerator Thing?

  1. The officials said, “Our conclusion is Toyota’s problems were mechanical, not electrical.”

    I know that they think the problem is mechanical, and they are likely correct, but they are not saying that they PROVED the problem to be unrelated to electronic issues. I think the experts are saying that statistically, 99.999 percent of the issues can be attributed to floor mats, stuck linkage, and careless stupid drivers. The remainder, they do not know.

    So as we total the points, I see that every team losses ground on this play.
    Toyota did a poor job handling the original complaints. The government once again got its fingers caught where they should not be. The American public showed the world just how stupid they can be, and the media lost its foreign whipping boy that the public so enjoyed to watch being flogged in the national press.

  2. Yes, but Government Motors survived . They picked up sales they would not have . I remember their commercials saying their cars were very safe . The word was used repeatedly in the messages. You have to keep looking at the big picture . Toyota could afford the hit . Government Motors needed all the help Obama could give them .

    • Government Motors needed all the help Obama could give them .

      The UNION needed all the help Obama could give them. Don’t forget, the Union gets to name a member of the GM Board of Directors.

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