Interesting Distinction

I’m pretty Libertarian in my thinking when it comes to drugs and alcohol.  If YOU wanna do ’em, take ’em or drink ’em, you should be free to do so.  However, I think that there should be some reasonable control.

  • Can’t sell to a minor.
  • Can’t sell to someone clearly under the influence
  • Can’t operate a motor vehicle

Etc etc etc..

Now, in order to enforce some of the common sense restrictions, it becomes important to be able to identify the age and/or identification of the person buying or using the substance.  You  need to show ID.  This is true of alcohol, cigarettes and even lottery tickets.

No one has a problem with this.

I also feel that similar requirements should be in place for other activities. I also think that similar requirements should be in effect for other activities, you know, like voting or being in the country.  I don’t believe there’s  anything more “holy” about proving you are who you say you are when you vote than having to  prove you are who you say you are when you buy a beer.

But Leftists do.

So I’m surprised this got through:

People picking up certain prescriptions at the pharmacy will have to show a photo identification starting today, as new state health regulations intended to prevent prescription drug abuse and overdose deaths take effect.

Certainly this will impact the ability of the undocumented resident from obtaining the medication that Obama just passed for him; right?  Or the citizen that is just TOO poor to be able to afford either:

  1. The transportation to get to the state office to obtain ID
  2. The ID itself

I would like to hear the Leftist explain the contradiction that is his eternal need to protect us from ourselves vs the burden of proof that is required of citizens who live and or vote.

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