Took My Breath Away


Good?  Or bad?

Does it depend?  Or does it NOT depend?

Either way, for a long time I’ve thought that we ALL saw taxes in the same way.

A method pf paying for the things we need to run a country, state, county, city or school.

Not so.

I was reading through some of my Libtard sites and found this:

David Leonhart in the New York Times looks at what could be paid for with the $60 billion per year the Bush tax cuts, now being preserved.

  • A tripling of federal funding for medical research.
  • Universal preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds, with relatively small class sizes.
  • A much larger troop surge in Afghanistan, raising spending by 60 percent from current levels.
  • A national infrastructure program to repair and upgrade roads, bridges, mass transit, water systems and levees.
  • A 15 percent cut in corporate taxes.
  • Twice as much money for clean-energy research as suggested by a recent bipartisan plan.
  • Free college, including room and board, for about half of all full-time students, at both four- and two-year colleges.

First the somewhat irritating aspect of this.

The concept that the money being discussed is the Government’s money.  And that if we reduce the tax rate, the government will LOSE that money.

The money in question is the CITIZEN’S money.

Anyway, so, take a look at that list.  Is there anything in there that YOU think the government should be responsible for?  Do you think it’s the government’s job to insure small pre-school class sizes?  To provide for free college?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

Now, look at the last item on the list:

  • A $500 tax cut for all households.

You know what THAT means?  THAT means a $500 CHECK from the government.  THAT’S what THAT means.

In other words, what this man supports is TAKING money from one group of people and GIVING it to another group of people.

What’s that called?

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