This And That

So, lemme get this straight.

We’re in debt.  All of us.  And by a TON.

So we have to make cuts.  A LOT of ’em.

Tough decisions to be sure.

Or is it?

Side by side in the interweb I see these two stories.  Same outlet, posted within 40 minutes of each other.

Article A:

N.C. schools: Cuts will mean layoffs, bigger classes

Article B:

On-duty Durham police officer charged with DWI

This is what happens when people report about education being cut:

The Office of State Budget and Management asked the Department of Public Instruction to prepare plans for cuts of 5 or 10 percent to its budget. Under either scenario, State Superintendent June Atkinson said, teachers would be laid off, classroom sizes would increase and some schools could close altogether.

And this is what happens when people report of drunk cops getting into accidents:

Durham, N.C. — Durham police charged an on-duty officer with driving while impaired after he crashed his patrol vehicle Thursday morning on Fayetteville Street, police announced Thursday afternoon.

Officer Kevin A. Stewart has been placed on administrative leave, according to police spokeswoman Kammie Michael.

Before you treat me like a mindless turd, how about reporting some honesty here?  If I had to choose between a teacher and a drunk cop, there isn’t even a contest.  But no one is saying that we have to layoff drunk cops.  Just teachers.


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