Unemployment? Management Positions on the Street

Gallop has unemployment at 10.0% in October.  Further, they have underemployment at 18.4%.

While shopping the other day, I had to push a sandwich board out of my way.

This is what it said:

There are 4 distinct departments hiring for management positions.

If anyone claims that there are no jobs out there, they are ignoring jobs that they don’t want.

2 responses to “Unemployment? Management Positions on the Street

  1. “looking for…….with experience” “They are ignoring jobs they don’t want” Or not qualified /experienced for?

    • Or not qualified /experienced for?

      Hey GOM, how are ya?

      The complain I get most often is that folks looking for work are not going after these jobs because they are so OVER qualified that the employer won’t hire ’em.

      Not the other way around.

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