You Can’t Do It

I’m listening to the Brad and Britt show this morning.  The topic of the hour is taxes and health care.  Both are timely and appropriate topics.  Health care reform is being implemented soon, or at least portions of it.  And taxes, well, taxes have been the hot topic because of the expiration of the “Bush Tax Cuts” as well as the new Republican “Pledge to America” that’s being released this afternoon.

Both topics are fascinating.  And, to a degree, related.

Any way, while discussing the reforms that are kicking in soon, Brad takes the stand that if you object to Health Care Reform, you can’t take advantage of it.  “You Can’t Do It” he yells, “You Can’t Do It”.

This, of course, is asinine.

Consider someone breaking into my home, robbing me of my possessions and then selling them on e-bay.  Would I not be motivated to retrieve those possessions?

And even if we step away from whether or not we consider taxes to fund Health Care as government theft or not, consider this:

I find it bad policy to tax people of their incomes, load that money into a truck and dump it off a bridge for people to scoop up and haul away.  And if the government DID do that, could I be blamed, having already voiced opposition to such a plan, if I showed up for my turn at the falling money?


I have the right to object to a plan, and then, when implemented against my will, to take advantage of that plan just like everyone else.


Lemme opt out.

Leftists constantly like to pull out the “Oath”.  You know, that document that the want conservatives to sign saying that if they are against big government they won’t take Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security.  That if they lose their jobs, they won’t claim unemployment.  All the while leaving out the key quid pro quo:

I get to opt out of having to pay for it.

So yeah, I’ll sign, in a SECOND, the document that says I won’t take money from the above mentioned programs IF I can stop paying into them.

Health care too.

I’ll gladly not take the government’s version, just lemme buy my insurance on the open market.

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