If There Was Any Doubt

Just in case any of us have forgotten, the point of a Union is too…..

Shortly after being ousted, Mr. Rosselli did create a rival union, and now he is trying to lure many of his former members — 43,000 workers at Kaiser Permanente, the largest health care provider in the state.

On Monday, workers at 331 Kaiser facilities across California began voting by mail on whether to bolt the S.E.I.U. and join Mr. Rosselli’s group, the National Union of Healthcare Workers.

Ahh yes.  Mr. Rosselli left his old organization because they simply weren’t representing the worker like he thought they should be.  As such, he is building a NEW organization so that the “little guy” is taken care of.



Mr. Rosselli is looking after the only thing that Unions look after:

A victory would give a vital boost to Mr. Rosselli’s fledgling 6,000-member union, all but assuring its long-term survival.

Survival.  And the stakes:

Mr. Rosselli asserts that his nemesis will spend $40 million on the election…

To be clear, Unions are about power.  Power for their leadership.

And nothing else.

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