Spoons and Buckets

There is an old story about Milton Friedman.

It goes roughly like this:

Milton Friedman was being escorted past a large construction project by a government finance minister. Friedman observed that all the workers were using shovels and he asked the finance minister why there were no bulldozers or excavators. The minister said “Because, Mr. Friedman, our goal is JOBS.” to which Friedman responded, “If your goal is jobs, give them spoons.”

I LOVE this guy!  I’m not sure which is more impressive, his grasp of economics or his ability to share that with us in such a manner as nott to insult.

Anyway, it would seem that we have a cheerleader for the government finance minister:

Chris Matthews has it right. There has never been a better time for the U.S. to develop a high-speed rail line. F*ck conservatives and their no-can-do attitude. This country was built on the notion of American exceptionalism. It’s time to get back to that reality as apposed to it being just a slogan.

If you wanna jobs program, take every single unemployed person, give ’em a spoon and put ’em to work!

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2 responses to “Spoons and Buckets

  1. I like your idea, but who will loan our government the money to pay them?

    • but who will loan our government the money to pay them?

      You are absolutely right! And that’s the point.

      The government can’t create “jobs programs”. The government doesn’t produce a product.

      I will admit that there are proper roles of government. And by fulfilling those roles, the government WILL hire people. However, aside from that, all the government is doing is taking money from one group of people and transferring it to another set of people.

      I don’t see any economic value in that.

      Welcome, by the way. I’ve checked out some of your stuff at altonwoods; looks great!

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