Palin: Playin With The Left

She speaks with a funny little accent. She uses turns of phrases that are unfamiliar to many of us. And what she looses in technical knowledge she makes up for in “gut feel”.

And she drives the Left crazy.

Liberal talk show host Alan Colmes continues to provide free marketing for Sarah Barracuda.  He continues to post.  He continues to criticize.  He continues to point how unqualified she is, how she stumbles and how she just doesn’t “get it”.  He even goes after her for a Facebook posting:

In a sad and slightly amusing attempt to strike back at liberals who condemn the use of her recent violent language, Sarah Palin has taken to what I believe to be satire in a recent Facebook blog entry: “Warning: Subject to New Politically Correct Language Police Censorship“:

But she gets it.  She knows that the country is upset, the country is angry.  She knows that the centrists who were angry and upset with Bush voted for Obama.  And she knows that THOSE people feel betrayed by Barack.

They did want change.  They did want responsible government.  They did want truth and transparency; openness.  They brought the Obamas into the White House in the hope that things would be better, that he would listen.

He didn’t, shows no sign that he will and is losing the people.  The regular people, the hunters, the workers, the farmers and factory folks.  He’s losin’ ’em.  And she is walking right behind him picken’ ’em up.

And it’s driving the Left crazy.

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