And No More Homework!

Just like a kid running for class President, Obama runs on populist messages.  He promises that we’ll all have ice cream before bed, get free tickets to the circus and catch a fish every cast.

And he usually gets a bump when he does.  But the speed of reality catching up is getting faster and faster.

Typically elected officials or candidates are able to affect an upswing in their popularity with seminal events; a keynote speech, significant legislation being passed or pivotal  event taking place on the political stage.  However, this uptick is temporary and always settles back down.

The idea is that using the surge in popularity and talk by the folks, more and more people can be brought into the fold; inertia or momentum is the goal, the target.

The fact that Obama’s biggest win to date, in fact the biggest win for Dems in 50 years, lasted all of 10 days is remarkable:

The Bounce is Flat

Hope for change people, hope for change!

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