It Can't Be Hottest Ever if it Was Ever Hotter

We have to go green!  We have to see $7 gas.  We HAVE to tax the snot out companies that contribute to global warming by pouring CO2 into the air.

Why?  “‘Cause it’s the hottest ever.”

The IPCC continues to report of the impending doom the planet will experience unless we control our abuse of the environment.  They say that the CO2 we are putting into the atmosphere is changing our climate and causing untold damage.  An example, they claim, is that we are seeing ever and ever increases in temperatures.  To the point that we haven’t been this warm for thousands of years.  Maybe even tens of thousands of years.

Now, I am no climatologist.  I have zero idea how to measure the impacts of CO2 on the earths climate.  But while I am not a scientist, I am able to read data and call bullshit when I see it.

Two Different IPCC Data Sets

Like I said, I’m no climatologist who can measure the impact of CO2 in the atmosphere.  I just don’t think the IPCC knows either.

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