Republicans Can Only Blame Themselves

There is a decent chance, better than 50-50 right now, that Obama will pass his health care turkey.  If he does, Republicans are partly to blame.

Look, we have to give credit where credit is due.  When Dubya and Co. used reconciliation to pass bills through the Senate, both Obama and Hillary bemoaned the strategy as a process that “will break the Senate”.  They were right, we’re seeing that today.  Clearly Reconciliation wasn’t meant for this purpose.  But the Democrats are going to claim that the Republicans are duplicitous in their complaint because they, in fact, used the process in the past.

The bill is horrible.  It only focuses on price and doesn’t address cost.  It explicitly claims that medical care is the purpose of insurance companies.  [pssst…the purpose of insurance companies is to spread risk, NOT cover people’s medical care — sheesh].  In short, it’s exactly the inane rambling that you would expect of a Leftist.

But in some ways, the Republicans did this to themselves.  And us.  Be wary of the Republican as much as you don’t trust the Democrat!

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