Do You Hate Insurance Companies?

So does this guy:

Think you’re fed up with the red tape in health insurance?

Meet Dr. James Eelkema, a family doctor who got so tired of the paperwork he cut loose and started a cash-only practice.

“What Eelkema is saying is, ‘I’m opting out of all the over-regulation and lack of support for primary care,'” said Dr. Patricia Fontaine, president of the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians.

The more free a market is, the better it will serve the population.  This does not mean that it’s the Wild Wild West out there.  If you enter into a contract, you are obligated to follow through on that contract.  Everyone knows we need government to regulate that.  What we don’t need is almost everything else.

Want proof?

“I intend to be profitable,” said Eelkema, 56. “I have no intention of retiring.”

Recently, a patient walked in with a cyst he wanted removed.

Eelkema looked at it.

$100, he told the guy.

$70, the guy countered.

A pause.

OK, the doctor said.

Both parties are happy.  ‘Nuff said.

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