The {gravel} Road to Perdition

I don’t know what this means.  I’m not sure it means anything at all.  Then again, it may mean everything:

The high price of pavement and the sour economy have driven municipalities in states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Vermont to roll up the asphalt — a mile here, a few miles there, mostly on back roads — rather than repave.

Now look, I grew up in a county FULL of gravel roads.  I used to drive gravel roads to visit my friends and to get to work.  Heck, when I was teaching the directions I gave to family was “turn left at the gravel road”.  I am FINE with gravel.

Question is: I this a sign of fiscal responsibility or a harbinger of bad times ahead?

One response to “The {gravel} Road to Perdition

  1. Whichever it is, I hope that once municipalities realize the many many benefits of not paving roads, they may decide “hey, maybe this is the way to go for those 2 lane roads.”

    When I moved into my present house, the road was gravel. Rain was absorbed. We got paved and now have regular run off – often into culverts that were created to carry run off to the Gulf of Mexico. We’re not feeding the aquifer that way!

    I’d like to see more gravel.

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