Alan Colmes: Is a Capitalist

Saturday afternoon, Alan posted on the emerging news media; citizenry media.

With newspapers folding and many denizens in the old media not understanding the new media, the young entrepreneurs at are on the edge of the curve.  Locals, including officials, can’t wait to post there, knowing their messages will be read by an engaged citizenry.  They are using the web the way it is meant to be used, incorporating a level of interactivity that most newspapers haven’t grabbed onto.

I couldn’t help but being impressed by Ayn Rand reaching to us from the past:

Creative destruction. Even as a reliable icon like the delivered print newspaper makes it’s way into the the same museum as the rotary telephone, VCR and horse drawn buggy, we see the beautiful effects of ingenuity, creativity and the capitalist way. More and more people are finding that the old way of receiving news is no longer meeting their needs, so they “vote” with their wallets. Given the fact that news print and printing presses and journalists and editors are “rationed by price” we are seeing the release of these resources due to people purchasing other forms of news delivery.

Certainly the impact of the loss of their jobs will be hard for those journalists, editors and print specialists, but society overall will benefit and become more productive. Net/net, everybody wins. We see a less efficient form of media fall away, we see competition in the new forms that we are allowed to choose from and, even better, they are cheaper than the $0.75 a day it costs to purchase the local fish wrapper. In short, life is good, even great.

Imagine the lack of progress if the government stepped in, stole your money right from your pocket and propped up an industry that no one wants to see succeed? I would think we would be upset that the progress of a nation would be halted in it’s steps. Impossible? Nope:

Posted by John Galt
October 10th, 2009 at 10:56 pm

Who knew that Ayn lives?

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