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Dear Occupy Wall Street, We Are Sorry, It’s Our Fault

I’ve been making fun of the protesters up in New York.  Camping out for days on end, complaining about capitalism on hand held phones, and iPads and Facebooks.  They have laptops and smart phones and tablet PCs.  They can make websites and Twitter.  And they are mad at the people who made those things.  Weird/  The irony of a nation mourning one of the greatest capitalists of his generation while simultaneously protesting his work is fascinating to me.

Stinky hippies.

I firmly believe that they need to make better choices.  I don’t think that they should major in Middle Eastern Studies with a minor in Art History specializing in Persian pottery.  I don’t think that they should buy bottled water when they don’t have a job.  I DO think that they should get a job.  I don’t agree that it’s just okay to protest government over reach and then occupy private property when that private property owner wants to clean things up.

Anyway, there’s a ton I don’t get with these protesters.  A ton I DO get, but a ton I don’t. And I wanna blame ’em.  I do.  ‘Cause I’m good like that; assigning responsibility for actions.  So when these kids act like they do, I wanna blame them for their own actions.

But I saw something the other day that made me shake my head and shrug.  We can’t blame them.  Not after this.  Rather than teaching our youth that with hard work comes great success, we are teaching them that failure has no consequence.  That you can do just any ‘ol thing and it’ll be okay, just a-o-k.

We teach it at our Universities:


REG 02.20.16 – Undergraduate Grade Exclusion

Authority:  Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

History: First Issued: August 23, 2011.

1.1  Undergraduate students may select up to two NC State courses with posted letter grades of C- or below to be excluded from calculation of their cumulative grade point average.  Unsuccessful audits or credit-only attempts are not eligible for exclusion.

So, to all you misguided youth in NYC and all OVER this great land, I offer you my apology.  It may not be your fault that you are growing up to be Leftists.  I now see that we are actively teaching you to be Leftists.

My bad.