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Tornado In Minnesota

We just survived some pretty heavy weather here in Raleigh – Glad to say all are okay.  However, I saw this report on the tornado that hit Tracy, MN – a small town just 3 water towers from Walnut Grove of Laura Engels fame.  And, I might add, just a short 45 minutes from my own home.

An amazing storm to say the least.

Outliers Versus Trends: Tornadoes And Global Warming

We are seeing tornadoes across America.

And by the looks of things, it would seem the year is bad.  Really REALLY bad.

But is it?

Well, the guys over at Poison Your Mind seem to think so:

We can’t link any individual event to global warming, but it’s a large-scale pattern that may be increasing the frequency or severity of types of events.

Nickgb creates some very compelling points in his post, I highly recommend reading all of it.  And when you’re done, stop on back and see my critique.

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Tornadoes Trends and Global Warming

It’s been a tough spring.  We’ve seen storms ravage the south from Alabama to North Carolina.  And just today, Missouri was hammered.

It’s an active storm season to be sure.  But is this just weather or is it Global Warming:

…the jet stream forces in April were among the strongest ever recorded, possibly because of La Niña conditions in the Pacific Ocean. A La Niña pattern, which leads to cooler water conditions around the Equator in the Pacific Ocean, is associated with wetter and stormier conditions through the middle of the country as cooler air from Canada surges into warm moisture heading north — made warmer, many climate scientists say, by climate change.

Ahh yes…Climate Change – Global Warming – AGW!  Of course!

It has to be Global Warming, right?

Well, maybe not.

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