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Barack Obama: State Of The Union Address

I had low expectations of our President going into the State of the Union.  I admit this openly and freely.  I do not think that our President is post-partisan — “I won” anybody? — and I don’t think that he’s pro-business as everyone claims.

So, with that said, how did he do?

Well, nothing he said fell short of my expectations.  I was anticipating class warfare, I was anticipating environmental crusading, I was expecting “blame Bush.”  And he delivered.

However, he DID make the case in a number of examples where I found myself agreeing with him, if only his words, but still….

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State Of The Union: Class Warfare and Economic Fairness

I just heard the lead up to the State of the Union address.  The reporter for CBS News just mentioned that the President is going to focus on “Economic Fairness” during much of his speech tonight.  As a special guest tonight, Warren Buffet’s secretary is going to be in attendance.

This is going to be great.