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Who Won

I can’t know.

No one doubts that Obama had his ass handed to him in the first debate.  And I think that has been clouding everyone’s expectations for this one.

If Obama is anything at all Presidential he’ll do better than he did last time; which is “a win.”  However, winning means swaying voters.

Obama was much stronger than he was last time.  And Romney was much more, ahh, less CEO’ish than last time.  I think that adds up to an Obama win.  I think Obama gets it in a nod; 3-4 points.  But I said that about Biden too.

The real question – Did either win votes?


Neither did well enough to sway independents.



Both CNN and CBS have Obama by 7 points.  They are both calling it an “edge.”

I agree.  Obama did better largely on the fact that he didn’t suck as much as he did last time.  Neither sealed the deal.

Only Global Warming Would Have Made This Funnier

I have to admit, I’ve had times in my career when I’ve had to try and explain away something horrible.  So I resonate with the feeling.

But this is just painful:

The only thing that would have increased the “richness” quotient would  have been for Gore to blame Global Warming for the Presidents ass kicking last night.