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Shrinking Middle Class – Good News?

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Listen to Bernie and all you hear is that the Middle Class is taking it on the chin.

“One of the major reasons why the middle class is collapsing is because of the greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior on Wall Street.”

True?  Well, the data from Pew in the chart above seems to indicate so.

From 1971 through to 2015, the share of adults living in the Middle Class dropped from 61% to 50%.  That’s 11 points or 16%.


But where are they going?

Well, if you look at the lowest income tier their ratio grew from 16% to 20%.  That’s 4 points and 25%.

The lower tier also grew from 9 to … wait.  It didn’t grow.

So, the Middle Class shrank 11 points since 1971 and only 4 – FOUR – of those points moved to the lowest tier.  Where did the remaining 7 points go?

Well, the higher income tier grew from 10 to 12 points; 25%.   And the highest?  It grew from 4 to 9 points.  The highest tier grew by 5 points; 125%!

Yes – there is a ‘war’ on the Middle Class – but the winners are those folks in the Middle Class!

Revisiting The 47 Percent

I’ve been away for awhile.  Life has been busy and I thought it was a good time to step away from the files of the Tarheel.  However, during that time I have been paying attention and it’s hard to ignore the fact that since the conventions, the terror attacks in Libya and Romney’s comments regarding the 47%, Obama has been surging in the polls.  And I’ve thought about Romney’s comments.

Why The Negative Reaction

I listened to the words Romney used that night at his fundraiser.  And I remember I cringed.  I was disappointed that Romney had been taped like this and his views “revealed.”  And as I watched the reaction on the news and in the media, my fears were confirmed – disaster.

Since then I’ve thought about it.  And I’ve come to this conclusion:

Romney was RIGHT!

There are, absolutely positively ARE, people who make a living identifying the handouts and the give-aways provided by the government and will vote to keep those benefits coming.  Some of these folks, to be sure, are aware that this is a gravy train and are just going to ride it for as long as they can.  And then there are others that really, honestly feel that they are entitled to these benefits from their government.  They feel that they are entitled to food and to a home and to clothing and to medical care.  That by simply breathing, these things are owed to them.

And these people will vote for Obama.

The reason for this reaction from the left?  Because it’s TRUE!

Who Isn’t The 47 Percent

Romney isn’t stupid.  And his number is correct; 47% of America doesn’t pay a federal income tax.  And further, if asked, he would know and admit that of that 47% some folks are retired seniors living on social security.  Some are veterans who’ve served their country.  Of course he knew that.  And of course he knows that he isn’t referring to that demographic.

When you hear a conservative remark with disdain that group of people who don’t pay taxes and live off the government, the image isn’t one of a tired old warrior resting after years of service.  Nor is it one of grandma rocking to the tunes of the Grand ol Opre while knitting her most recent baby blanket.

No, the image is that of the individual who claims unemployment while not looking for a job.  The image of that person is one of the single mother with more than 3 kids, never having been married and not even looking to make life for her family better.  The image is that of the moocher.

Romney isn’t talking about the soldier or grandma.

And he’s right.  The folks he’s invoking are going to vote for Obama.

Who Is Left

Romney isn’t admitting anything controversial.  There isn’t a single person that’s going to disagree with the fact that the chronic dependent of government isn’t going to vote for more government.  So, who is Romney going after?  He’s going after the middle.  The independent voter who isn’t trapped by the siren song of the check and is capable of thoughtful independent decision making.

He’s going after that 10% in the middle.  He’s acknowledging that he’s got 45 in the bag for him, he’s got 45% against him and he needs to resonate with those not yet committed.  And for whatever reason, people think that because Romney said this in a private meeting with large dollar donors that this is somehow a sin.

What Should Romney Do Now

Sing it from every rooftop and street corner that’ll have him.  Romney needs to create an image of a strong candidate that has the conviction of his beliefs.  Make the left challenge him, make the democrats attack his position.  And then hammer ’em.  We DO have a moocher class.  We KNOW they’ll vote for anyone who enables their life.  And any reasonable person wants to REDUCE the number of that population.

I’ll have that debate any day.  Let someone tell me that we wanna increase those on food stamps and I’ll call ’em a fool.  We wanna increase the number of folks receiving Section 8?  I’ll take them to task for creating a dependency lifestyle without creating an incentive to strive for a life of dignity where an individual is capable of caring for themselves.

Bring me the democrat that makes the argument we want more people receiving these entitlements and I’ll show you a winning argument.

Sing it Romney; Sing it to everyone who’ll hear ya!

Middle Class Stagnation

With the continuing debate surrounding our debt and our deficit, much ado has been made about taxes.  Who should pay ’em and who shouldn’t.  Embedded in that debate is the question of class warfare.

For a long time, a very VERY long time, the idea of class warfare has been one of the rich taking advantage of the non-rich for the rich’s personal gain.  These days, you have the opposite phenomenon.  You have people in America that feel there is a class war being waged, but not by the rich on the poor, but by the Left on the rich.


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The Middle Class – Part II

The middle class. The Great MC.

What is it, how is it defined? Is it growing? Shrinking? Is it, more importantly, being exploited by the rich and the powerful to enable their largess?

Is Obama right? Is it true, in fact, that the folks-the “Us”- are being used and manipulated in some grand game to keep the rich richer?

For me, the rhetoric needs substance; needs some form of validation. There has to be some means by which the idea has a backdrop to judge the truth. There has to be a definition of the middle class that we can use to see if, in fact, what is being said is true. Or not true. And for me, it comes down to two things:

  1. The earnings of the middle class.
  2. The life style, or things, that the middle class can buy.

So, let’s take a look:

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