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Addressing Gun Violence

On Tuesday President Obama will receive a report from Joe Biden on gun violence and how to address it.  I admit that I’m torn on the whole issue.  Personally, I don’t care for guns at all.  I played with BB guns as a kid, to be sure, but that’s where it stopped.  I held my brother’s .22 and 16 gauge, but never owned my own weapon.  I once shot a friend’s hand gun, but didn’t like it.

I know that lot’s of people own guns to protect themselves.  Many more own guns because they like to collect them.  And even more because they life to hunt.  And I’m all good with that.  But I don’t want’em in my house.  I have young kids and believe the stats that say a gun owner’s family is more likely to be harmed by their own gun than that gun will be used in self defense.

But I feel its very important to defend the rights of those that DO wanna keep a gun.  I think that if an individual feels that, in balance, the risk of owning gun isn’t greater than the benefit provided by that gun, he should have the ability to purchase and keep that weapon.  He should be able to buy and use ammunition.

In short, a man has a right to buy guns.  And when I say guns, I mean any guns.

Part of the reason that the 2nd Amendment was written and codified was the belief that citizens be able to defend themselves.  From intruders AND their government.  In fact, Jefferson felt that an armed citizenry was a last resort to a tyrannical government.

So, what to be made of the world today?

I think the wrong questions will be asked in the report.  I think the wrong questions have been asked in the public discourse.  I think that people are seeing people committing atrocities with guns and are fixating on the guns; not the people.  I think that we need to look at data.  Data that suggests violence due to guns is on a downward trend.    I think that we need to look at data that would suggest that banning assault weapons increases violence, not decreases it.  And I think that we need to understand that being exposed to the inconveniences of too much liberty is preferable to the those attending too small a degree of it.

To those that would ban an assault rifle.  How much less of a tragedy would it be if an armed intruder, carrying a pistol, or 4, would take the lives of, say, 10 children rather than the number taken in Sandy Hook?  How will you be able to stand in front of the parents and claim that it could have been worse?

The answer?  You can’t.

A life taken too early due to violence is a tragedy.  And whether that life is taken by a hand gun or a rifle is not meaningful.

But the restriction of liberty is.  And THAT is what we need to guard against.

Now, are there things that we can do?  Happily, yes.

I think that we have a good opportunity to increase our background checks.  Both in number and in depth.  I think that we can do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and of the mentally unstable.

We should increase our databases regarding gun crimes.  And speaking of gun crimes, we need to focus on the characteristics of criminals with guns.  And then target them.  Instead of crafting laws that take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, we need to craft laws that take guns out of the hands of criminals.  Guilty of a gun crime?  Subject your property to an immediate search warrant.

And technology might be able to help us.  We should consider, at least consider, the technology that allows a gun to be fired based on a fingerprint profile.  Should a private sale occur, the gun could be taken to a dealer to swap that profile.  Have a family of 5?  Submit a profile for 5.

There is a lot of work to be done, to be sure.  But there is a lot of Liberty to be lost as well.  And we must remain ever vigilant that the sacrifices of those who came before us are not lost to fear.

No One Likes To Be Blamed

By Tuesday, if you believe the deadline Biden has for his report, Obama is going to receive a report on how to curb violence.  By the way, wouldn’t it be nice if the President could demand as timely a report on such things as budgets?  Anyway, the report ….

We all have ideas on what we might like to see in the report.  It goes all the way from ban every single gun in America to posting armed guards at every single school.

Crazy all.

But I think that reasonable people understand a couple things:

  1. Gun violence in America is heading down.
  2. There really is very little need for assault weapons and large capacity clips.
  3. The most recent string of mass shootings involved mentally retarded individuals.
  4. That allowing our 6 year old kids to play with toy guns makes a parent a bit queezy.
  5. Hollywood’s obsession with violence creates a “culture of violence”.
  6. Same for video games.

But no one likes to hear that when the target of blame falls on them or theirs.  The NRA doesn’t wanna hear that guns kill people.  And the parents of children with learning disabilities don’t wanna hear that the shooters were crazy.  Parent’s don’t wanna think that there is anything wrong with cops and robbers or cowboys and indians.

And Hollywood doesn’t wanna hear that their movies cause violent reactions:

Listen, I don’t know if violent movies cause kids to fantasize about violent acts and that those fantasies then are played out.  But I DO know that if Hollywood feels they can wade into matters politic then they are certainly fair game when it comes time to lay blame.