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Gay Marriage In NC: Amendment One


Sadly I am afraid that Amendment 1 will pass in North Carolina.  This is the amendment to the state constitution that defines marriage between one man and one woman to be the only recognized union in the state.  I’m distressed by this outcome.  I’m distressed that a segment of the population of my state would look to restrict the liberty of another segment.

I get the arguments.  I understand that Christians may feel that homosexuality is a sin.  I get that people think the point of marriage is to generate children.  I get all that.  But even if it’s true, even if being gay is a sin, that isn’t the litmus we use to pass legislation.

I am VERY clear that taking the Lord’s name in vain is a sin.  Yet none of us would think to legislate that into law.  Again, I am sure that failing to keep the sabbath holy is a sin, yet again, we wouldn’t dream of codifying it.

The fact that a thing is, or MAY be a sin, simply isn’t reason enough to erect state laws.

With that said, in my disappointment in my state, I find the process fascinating.  There are things that a state can do that the federal government can’t.  And regulating marriage is one of those things.  A state may decide that the age of consent is 16, or 17 or 18.  That state may allow exceptions with parental consent.

Some states require blood tests.  Test to determine if the betrothed carry infectious disease.  Or are related.  States get to regulate marriage.  And though I don’t agree with that regulation, it would seem that the proponents of the amendment followed the process.  They petitioned the government.  That government listened and struck an amendment that made its way to the ballot.  And, if the polling is right, will pass.

States have the right to regulate things in a way and manner that the federal government does not.

And here is where I’m conflicted.  I certainly hope that the courts take this up and rule that the amendment isn’t valid.  We simply can’t stipulate advantage for one group of people over another.  On the other hand, the people of the State of North Carolina have spoken.  Perhaps we are obligated to live with the unfortunate consequences.

If only we had done the right thing and voted this thing down.

North Carolina And Gay Marriage

Here in North Carolina, sadly, we have a fight brewing.  On the upcoming ballot is a constitutional amendment that would make gay marriage and all forms of civil unions unconstitutional.

I happen to be a big “states rights” kinda guy so I don’t have as much a problem with this initiative being on the ballot as I do that there are that many people who want it on the ballot.  Marriage, from the perspective of the state, is nothing more than a legally binding contract between two consenting and unrelated adults.  Nothing more and nothing less.

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The Politics Of Supporting Gay Marriage

I’ve made the point over and over again that gay marriage is an issue that Republicans should be leading on.  At its most basic, and perhaps only legitimate, issue, the conversation is one of individual Liberty.  That is the ability of one person to consciously and willingly decide who to live with, form a relationship with and enter into financial contracts with.

Any other considerations aside, this is a basic human dignity issue.

But this IS politics.  And if we wanna be able to advance the case for Liberty and Libertarian based policy, we need to win elections.  We need to support more like-minded folks and generate momentum and a movement.  In other words, we need to generate good will that translates into votes.  And by alienating a group of people who might otherwise be loyal conservatives, you fail in that mission.

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The Fruits of Liberty

I suspect that a child, with loving parents, will grow to be a confident young adult.  Certainly the variances of life will come to play, but love begets love.

Of course it does.

Individual Liberty, when left alone to flourish, is wonderful thing to behold:


Blondes and Redheads

It turns out that appreciating brunettes over blondes doesn’t matter when fighting wars:

MANAMA, BAHRAIN – Marine Gen. James Amos, the face of opposition in the military to lifting the ban on gays serving openly, now acknowledges his concern that repeal would undermine the war effort has proven unfounded. In fact, he said, Marines have embraced the change.

In an interview, Amos called the repeal in September of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy “a non-event.”

That is in contrast to his cautionary words to Congress in December 2010, shortly before President Obama signed the repeal legislation. The ban was not lifted until this year to allow the Pentagon to prepare troops for the change.

“Successfully implementing repeal and assimilating openly homosexual Marines into the tightly woven fabric of our combat units has strong potential for disruption at the small-unit level as it will no doubt divert leadership attention away from an almost singular focus on preparing units for combat,” Amos testified. Still, he said at the time that if the law were changed, it would be faithfully followed by the Marines.

He now sees no sign of disruption in the ranks — even on the front lines.

“I’m very pleased with how it has gone,” Amos said during a weeklong trip that included four days in Afghanistan, where he heard not a word of worry about gays.

As it turns out, appreciating one sex versus another has the same non-effect.

Gay Marriage: Make My Day

Rumor has it that Clint Eastwood is a conservative.  I am beginning to object to the term conservative because I feel that what we mean when we say we’re conservative is that we’re “Classic Liberals”.

Liberals.  As in, Liberty.

And this just about sums it all up:

Governor Purdue And Gay Marriage Amendment

I shouldn’t be surprised.  Democrats have long ago abandoned any hope of defending individual liberty.  In so far that the Liberal Left picks up any cause, it’s done simply to gather that group’s vote in future elections.  You think the Democrats support civil rights?  Look at their record on civil rights votes.  Think that Liberals defend folks who are discriminated because of who they are?  Consider the same Liberals who demand their music not be played at certain functions.

Public schools?  Look where Obama sends his kids.

And now we have one more example of a Leftist going out in public displaying her finest pandering colors:

RALEIGH, N.C. — Gov. Beverly Perdue announced Friday she’ll vote against a change to North Carolina’s constitution next May that would prohibit gay marriage…

See.  A hypocrite.

“But Pino”, you may claim, “she is voting against the amendment and FOR liberty!  Ahhh, but look closer:

Perdue said in a prepared statement she believes marriage is between one man and one woman and voted while in the Legislature for a 1996 law so that North Carolina couldn’t recognize same-sex marriages in other states.

“I continue to support that law today,” Perdue said.

So, how does the good Govna of the Great State of North by God Carolina explain her fllippy floppyness of her vote?

“But I’m going to vote against the amendment because I cannot in good conscience look an unemployed man or woman in the eye and tell them that this amendment is more important than finding them a job.”

This is crap.

But I shouldn’t be surprised.

Gay Marriage: This is NOT What We Meant

Republicans, led by the Tea Party, have control of state houses across the country.  Why, right here in North Carolina for example, we have control of both the Senate and the House for the first time in 140 years.

Several, many in fact, good things have come as a result of this.  Tomorrow the Republicans are going to undo much of that good work:

RALEIGH, N.C. — The gay marriage debate has arrived in North Carolina after years in which Democrats managed to push it aside because they controlled the Legislature.

Now Republicans are in charge of the General Assembly after a 140-year absence. They’ve scheduled a legislative session Monday to consider proposed constitutional amendments, including those that would let voters decide next year whether to define marriage in the state constitution as between one man and one woman.

Now, it can be said that such considerations ought be left to the voters.  However, in this case, the basis of the founding of the nation protects the individual.  No matter HOW many people disapprove of gay marriage, the fact remains that Liberty must be served.  Two sovereign individuals have chosen to commit themselves to each other ought be enough for the state.  It ought to be enough for us.

I’m not advocating that the marrying habits of all people be APPROVED, certainly not.  After all, were that the case, it is highly likely that I would never have been allowed to marry my wife; so many people objecting to such an honorable and capable woman of marrying such a degenerate as myself.  That not withstanding, she is capable of free will.

Liberty is powerful.  And hard.  It often means that the outcome isn’t exactly how we wanted it to end.  But that’s what makes it good; the hard.

I hope the Republicans fail tomorrow.  I really do.

Liberty Continues To March On

Further evidence that the sweet waters of Liberty will find it’s level is the fact that the largest social network in the world has included two new options for relationship status:

Facebook has added two new relationship status options users can include in their online profiles: “in a civil union” and “in a domestic partnership.”

Against every. single. odd. Liberty has proven to be resistant to oppression.  She will shine her light where ever she finds herself.

Go Liberty.

Republicans Misunderstand Their Mandate

It was very very clear; the nation said “No” to Democrat big government style liberalism.

Republicans were voted in more to send a message of what type of government we DIDN’T want than to say which big government version of government we DID want.

And already we have Republicans acting like Democrats.

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