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Capitalist Pigs

If you listen even just a little, you can pick up on one of the main complaints against the medical care delivery system here i the United States.  That the whole system is doomed to fail because we allow greedy asshole pigs to profit off the medical needs of our citizens.  For some reason, the fact that this doesn’t apply to food or clothes is a point that’s missed by those that scream we must nationalize health care.

The fact is this, when exposed to market forces, blueberries and shoes become less expensive and come with higher and higher degrees of quality.

I stopped by my local “Grocery Barron” outlet and was amazed to see this new advertisement.

The grocery store market is offering drugs that “cures” high blood pressure.  The cost?  $3.99 a month.  By the way, hypertension is the single #1 killer in the United States.  Number one.  Cured, blammo, for the crazy cost of 4 bucks.

After that is the program for diabetes medication.  The cost?


That’s right; free.  Diabetes medication carries no cost to the consumer.  The greedy bastards are offering life saving medication for free in the hopes that you’ll just come in a shop.

But wait, there’s more!

For the low low price of NOTHING you can now get antibiotics as well.

Blink.  Blink.

All of this will be delivered to you in less than 15 minutes while you shop in  conditioned warehouse for berries from Chili, chocolate from Switzerland, wine from France and sushi fresh from the sea.