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Wisconsin: Recalling Governor Walker

We all know the story. The elections of 2008 led to the elections of 2010.  And the 2010 elections were of epic proportions.  Republicans on the federal and state levels dominated and it ushered a new world order in many governing bodies.  Here in North Carolina we see the first republican controlled senate and house for the first time in  more that 100 years.  And in Wisconsin, we see a republican governor, a republican senate and a republican house.

Some excellent things were about to happen.

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Wisconsin: After the Collective Bargaining Law

On June 14th, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the Wisconsin legislature did not, in fact, break any laws when they passed the bill into law that removed a large portion of the collective bargaining rights from public sector unions.

From the Left, the words spewing from the bleachers were ones of destruction the end of education as we know it.

Teachers would have their power taken from them and, without said power, would be left–ahem, powerless in the streets.  Schools would crumble and a darkness would be upon the face of the deep.  But I wonder, is it possible that something might happen?  Is it possible that the passing of this law would allow districts the ability to save their schools?  Would communities be able to educate their children with teachers they loved and class sizes they want?

I think so.

Let’s check the tale of the tape:

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