Playing With Toy Guns On Private Property – GUILTY!

Nanny State

You have *got* to be kidding me:

Two seventh-grade students in Virginia Beach, Va., were handed long-term suspensions Tuesday that will last until the end of the school year for playing with an airsoft gun in one of their front yards while waiting for the school bus.

We have become France.

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  1. This isn’t a national movement, this is an isolated case of overreaction. How many of these stupid stories do we hear every year? Maybe a dozen or so? At most, 100? Out of 22,000,000 students? This is just a really stupid meme, like shark attacks, that the media blows way out of proportion.

    I don’t think these kids should have been suspended, and the neighbor who called 911 is obviously a bit off, but to point this out as a national problem, to cry out that we have become france, is a bit on the hysterical side. This is, at best, a man-bites-dog sidebar.

  2. Fox left out what I think is a pertinent detail, which is that “…several students claimed to have been hit by pellets as they walked to the bus stop…” That said, however, does the punishment fit the crime? I don’t think so. I also share the belief that this sort of hyper-vigilance may be getting out of hand when we see 8 year old kids being suspended for chewing their pop-tart into the shape of a gun.

  3. Yeah, this isn’t everywhere. Fox cherry pick things that they know will evoke a reaction (as do some left wing new sources when they post wild things conservatives do). Once I drove my kids into school and my first grader carried in a toy gun (to be sure, not an airsoft). When I dropped my other son off, he mentioned Dana still had his gun. I went back to K-3 school and asked about it in the office. They laughed and said he had gone to a teacher and said, “I think I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have brought this in.” They thanked him, and gave me the toy gun back. I suspect in some parts of the country the reaction would have been different.

    Americans don’t do statistics well. School shootings are exceedingly rare, you’re more likely to have your child hit by lightning. But people tend to conflate possibilities with probabilities.

  4. Another example of soft tyranny so common during the rein of Obama.

  5. Of course I do. From the story of two lesbians ruining a family bakery for refusing to create for them a wedding cake, to fake guns being punished. President Obama is the symbol, the flag, the rallying point for all of the left wing nuts who have been simmering with rage for years. With him and his point man as Attorney General, they can count on the awesome power of the government to back them up and punish their enemies.

    Every bureaucracy from the IRS to the EPA has been filled with left wing Kommisars, eager to prove their loyalty by looking the other way when left wingers step over the line, and then with Barney Fife ferocity persecuting the enemies of the state.

    Again it is called soft tyranny. I do so find your constant descriptions of this President as a centrist to be hilarious.

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