I’m in danger.

I’m in danger of moving on from the horrors of the world and living my self absorbed life.  I have my family, my job and my concerns to keep me busy and focused.  Absorbed.

I’m in danger of letting Connecticut become a statistic.

And the only way out is to visualize the scene.  To imagine being the teacher in that class.  Being the father of that student.  Being the husband of that principal.

But I can’t do that every day, every night.  I can’t stop moving to keep this day fresh; the point isn’t that.  The point is to internalize and to move on.  To remember, to be sure, but move past the shade.

For me, the lesson from this tragedy is that the world is an imperfect place full of people who are, well, human.  We live among men who are full of failings, constantly striving to be better, but just as often failing.  The world is a harsh harsh place.

The natural response to this tragedy, and the others like it, is to say, “What can we do to ensure this never ever happens again?”  But that question isn’t based in the reality of that world in which we find ourselves.  Tragedy is going to find us again.  And it’s going to hurt.

I don’t think the answer lies in how we regulate our guns.  Rather, I think it’s in how we regulate our hearts.  How we can better love those close to us.  Those far from us and those around us.  Could that day 1 week ago have been avoided had more understanding or love been applied to that boy?  I dunno.  Could some of the tragedies that we live through be avoided were there more understanding?  More empathy?  More love?

I have to think so.

We’re not going to be able to regulate our way out of this.  We can’t let ourselves to think that this isn’t ever going to happen again.  But we can try, through the various options open to us, work to make the next time occur further in the future.  To reduce the number of next times.

And to make sure that those around us know that they are loved by us.


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  1. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”.

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