Media Bias: Fox News

So I think I’ve learned a couple of things about the media as I’ve become interested in this stuff:

  1. I don’t think you have to work hard to be one.
  2. Facts are not required.
  3. Each source is biased to it’s own agenda.

This includes those sources that may favor the liberal agenda, The New York Times, for example.  And for those that favor the conservative agenda, Fox News, for example.

Today there is a pretty decent news story out about unemployment application falling to a 4 year low.  This is GREAT news for America.  However, it doesn’t necessarily fit the narrative that Obama is an economic nightmare [he is by the way].  So what does Fox do?

Buries it.

I have a pretty decent hi-res flat screen monitor.  I can see an awful lot of real-estate “above the fold”, and this is what I see:

Not until I scroll down, and then down a little more, do I see this:

The story getting TOP billing in the section is the one about spiking gas prices and how it might hurt Obama.  4 stories down, underneath “hooker teachers” and the theft of 4 large comes the story about the unemployment numbers.  And nary a mention of the fact that this might HELP Obama.

It sucks that’s how the game is played.  It would be nice to be able to see some straight shootin’ from these guys.  Be it the Times, or CNN or MSNBC and yes, even Fox.  But that ISN’T how the game is played.


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