More Great Great 2012 Election News For North Carolina

I just posted that the 2012 elections are looking good for Republicans.  Most folks feel that the the Senate could swap, and if it doesn’t would turn more red than blue.  And only the most partisan individuals in the democrat party feel that the House would turn.  But the state elections are looking great.

And here in North Carolina?  The news is looking even better.  Our sitting 1 term governor isn’t looking to run for her 2nd term:

RALEIGH, N.C. — Facing a tough fight for a second term, Gov. Beverly Perdue said Thursday that she will not seek re-election so she can focus her energy on fighting for a sales tax increase to fund education.

This is garbage by the way.  Purdue has a horrible approval rating here in Carolina and she knows she doesn’t have Obama’s momentum to carry her through this year.  She’ll lose, she knows it, so she’s dropping out.

Another win for Republicans in 2012.

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