Stinky Hippies and Greedy Corporations

I’ve been a long-hair since early 1988.  I did trim it some because I worked at a fascist amusement park that wanted to portray “family values” or something.  But after that, below my shoulders.  I had long hair even as I taught school.

However, it wasn’t until I took an office job that I began to pull it back and keep it tied.  So, for 12-13-14 years now, I’ve been a loyal fan of Scunci brand hair ties.  They don’t hurt your hair, ya know.

But man-o-man have they upset me.  Always I have found the ties to be incredibly durable.  Hot or cold, wet or dry, these things kept their tightness in tact.  The last batch I bought however, they lose their ability to remain tight after 3-5 days.  Then I have to pitch it and use another.

Corporate greed at it’s worse.  Creating a product that wears out quicker.

So listen up fleabaggers!  If you wanna protest, protest Scunci!

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  1. Being bald for many years now, I wish I had your problem.

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