Jon Stewart Winked

So, last we spoke about Jon Stewart, I was complaining that he let Weiner off the hook.  I made mention of this fact because I felt that Jon is Liberal, Anthony is Liberal and so, Jon let him free.  In retrospect I suspect that the reason Jon Stewart went easy on Anthony Weiner was because the two are friends.

Fair enough.

But tonight I’m catching up on my “The Daily Show” and Jon is mocking Chris Wallace and his interview of Stewart.

In that interview, Jon asks Chris, “Do you think I’m an ideological partisan activist?”

Chris answered, “Yes.”

And Stewart responded that he disagreed with Wallace.


Jon devouts hours of his time to the mocking of Fox News for being “unbalanced.”  A view I happen to agree with.  It’s clear that Fox takes the conservative “side” in the reporting of the news.  And if Jon felt that he needed to defend his honor in being a comic that comes across as a neutral player, you would think that he would mock MSNBC for the same bias tendencies that Fix has.

None.  Nary a word.

CNN?  Sure.

MSNBC?  Maddow?  Matthews?  Obelrman?

Chirp Chirp.

Stewart is a partisan hack.  He’s funny and talented.  To be very clear, he’s VERY talented.

But he’s a hack.

I was wrong, Jon didn’t blink; he winked.

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