Media Bias

Each side accuses the other of media bias.  Fox gets hammered by the Left and everyone else gets hammered by the Right.

But what is it exactly, that the media does that creates this impression of bias?  What is it that strikes someone as “unfair” and “unbalanced”?

For me, it’s not the truth of the story, it’s the profile of the stories themselves.  Rachel Maddow, for example, doesn’t lie, she just doesn’t run disparaging stories against Democrats.  Hannity same but reversed.

So, here is my example of bias in the media.  A bias in an organization that I think TRIES not to be bias.

The continuing debate in Wisconsin and around the nation concerning the union’s collective bargaining has captivated all of us.  Everyone is anxious.  Not only about how it’s going to play out specifically, but how it’s being PERCEIVED not only in Wisconsin but across the nation.

So far, the narrative is that the Republicans and Walker are losing the message and the story.

Another day, another survey comes out showing how Gov. Scott Walker is losing support thanks to the weeks-long standoff with Democrats over the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions.

And that’s the story you continue to hear.

But there’s another narrative..  And it’s hard to find.  For example, Gallup conducted a poll and found overwhelming support for limiting state workers and their influence.  But can you find it?

I would think that such a poll, one that seems to defy the general consensus, would be front and center.

But here’s Gallup’s front page splash:

Not until you get near the bottom do you see a story regarding the labor battles.  And then when you DO get to the bottom, the headline starts with:

Republicans Negative, Democrats Positive….


However, when you surf through the site you have an option to go to “Unions” or “Politics”.  If you go to “Unions” you’re brought to a section of news that carries nothing relevant to the story.  But if you go to politics, you go to here:

Again, not until you get to the bottom of the screen do you see the story.  And even then the headline reads:

“American’s Message to States: Cut, Don’t Tax and Borrow”

But the poll and it’s findings?

The top 3 most popular choices in dealing with state budgets?  Reducing the power and influence of the state worker.  Specifically, reducing the ability of the state unions to collectively bargain.

Gallup took the poll and they published the finds.  But the sin to me is how they market the message.  And they do that by burying the story, highlight other messages and deliver the headlines in a manner that changes the tone.

There was no deceit.  No lies or inaccuracies.

But totally biased.

3 responses to “Media Bias

  1. Excellent article.

    Every liberal I’ve argued with about Wisconsin keeps saying that Walker is “defying the will of the people.” Then they show a poll that 52% of Americans agree with collective bargaining rights.

    The result made no sense to me, but I had no way to dispute it.

    Now I do.

    Thanks, pino!

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