Confusion in Durham

It’s heating up.  And something has to be done.

We need strong leadership on the issue and we need it now.

Sadly, Obama isn’t gonna be the guy to do it.

1.  He simply doesn’t know HOW to lead.  Which, of course, has been my main complaint all along.

2.  He doesn’t WANNA lead right now because it’ll interfere with his election prospects.

So, it’s left to the states and the towns.

And THIS is what you get when that happens:

Durham council supports police accepting Mexican IDs

The Durham, NC city council voted yesterday on whether or not the should accept IDs issued by the Mexican government:

Durham, N.C. — The Durham City Council voted on Monday in favor of police accepting identification issued by the Mexican government as legal ID.

The resolution, which passed 5-2, cited IDs like the Matricula Consular.

Did’ja see that?  It passed.

Only problem?  I have no earthly idea what it means.  What, exactly, does “accepting IDs” mean?

Does it mean that the individual is a legal resident?  Is able to drive?  Is able to vote?  Can get water and sewer turned on?

Who knows?

However, the damage has been done:

Others argued that it creates more immigration problems because cards are issued to people whether they are legal or illegal residents of another country.

Battle lines have needlessly drawn over the issue.

‘Cause from what I can tell, the only thing the new process does is validate that the person is who they say they are:

Some argued that the ID cards, which are issued by the Mexican government to nationals living in other countries, are an important way for some to establish identity.

“It’s one way you can show who you are, so it’s a security issue actually,” Pila Rocha-Goldberg said.

Further, they claim it has no legal status here in America:

The Mexican-issued IDs would not count as a valid driver’s license in the U.S. If pulled over, a person with only a Mexican-ID could be cited for driving without a valid license.

So again, what’s the point?

Why WOULDN’T an officer take the Mexican ID card in the normal course of doing business if it helped establish the identity of the individual?  Of COURSE they accept it for that reason.

So why vote?


This is what we get with a rookie in the White House.

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