Senate Race 2010: XII

Very little has changed:

State Status Democrat Republican Incumbent Front Runner Spread
CT Ret. Dem Blumenthal McMahon Democrat Democrat 12.5
DE Ret. Dem Coons O’Donnell Democrat Democrat 17.2
IL Ret. Dem Giannoulias Kirk Democrat Republican 2.8
IN Ret. Dem Ellsworth Coats Democrat Republican 19.3
ND Ret. Dem Heitkamp Hoeven Democrat Republican 47

As you can see, there are still 3 Republican wins.

And the races with retiring Republicans is the same as well, all Republican wins.

The situation where the Democrat is facing the end of the term is also the same, only with a bit more clarity:

State Status Democrat Republican Incumbent Front Runner Spread
AR Term Dem Lincoln Boozman Democrat Republican 16.7
CA Term Dem Boxer Fiorina Democrat Democrat 6.4
CO Term Dem Bennet Buck Democrat Republican 1.6
HI Term Dem

Democrat Democrat
MD Term Dem

Democrat Democrat
NV Term Dem Reid Angle Democrat Republican 1.8
NY Term Dem Gillibrand Blakeman Democrat Democrat 22.4
NY Term Dem

Democrat Democrat
OR Term Dem Wyden Huffman Democrat Democrat 18
PA Term Dem Sestak Toomey Democrat Republican 3.2
VE Term Dem

Democrat Democrat
WA Term Dem Murray Rossi Democrat Democrat 2.2
WI Term Dem Feingold Johnson Democrat Republican 6

Still, the Republicans walk with 5.

And, where Republicans are facing the end of the term, again, no Democrat wins.

I still see an 8 seat swing for the Republicans.

Dems – 51 Republicans 49.

However, the smart money doesn’t agree with me:

You make the call.  Either way, a good day at the office for the Republicans.

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