It might be thoughtless and crass.  But it also might be the truth.

Proving that there is no such thing as too stupid:

Raleigh, N.C. — A man and woman were severely injured early Monday after scaling a fence surrounding an electrical substation and being shocked by 23,000 volts of electricity, Wake County sheriff’s investigators said.


Why would an electrical substation protect itself with a single strand of wire?  Why not ANNOUNCE itself to the world?

“The substation is very, very clearly marked. There are more than 30 signs around the perimeter of the substation – in English and Spanish,” Hughes said. “It’s got an 8-foot-tall fence – the highest foot is barbed wire.”


And the “No Shit” statement of the day month year?

…there is evidence that alcohol was a factor in the case.

HA!  I remember MY first beer.

In the wild, the weak get eaten.  In America, they breed.

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