A Rose by Any Other Name…

Bait and switch.   That’s all it is.See, when someone tells you that a can of beans is 20% off, but they have raised the price of that can of beans by 25% first, it’s called a “bait and switch”.  And it’s common among shucksters and politicians.

The fact that Obama is pulling the same fast one shouldn’t be surprising.  The fact that he is baitin’ and switchin’ with the prison where we hold our terror suspects SHOULD be surprising.  And, I suspect, it’s surprising to him that we would be a bit upset with it.

During the campaign, Obama kept talking about the fact that he was going to close Guantanamo Bay.  That Guantanamo Bay was nothing more than a recruiting tool for the folks who hate us.  That the prison itself represented all that is bad with America.

And the rhetoric was meant to let us think that what he was going to do was fix the problem.  What he MEANS to do is move the problem.  See, if he had stood there at the podium or the biscuit counter or wherever and say that what he was going to do was close Gitmo but then build a new prison right next to it, the folks in the joint woulda’ looked at him somewhat cross-eyed and gone “Huh?”.

See.  You can’t say you’re gonna close Guantanamo when you mean you’re gonna open a new prison somewhere else:

The White House announced Dec. 15 that it intended to transfer Gitmo detainees to the Thomson Correctional Center in rural, northwestern Illinois and needed $245 million to do so.

See.  That’s not really dealing with the problem of the prison at Gitmo.  The same people are going to be detained.  The same recruiting tool is going to be used.  The same black eye for America is gonna need tending too.

This is just a bat and switch.

And he knows we know it.

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