Republican Rules Are Just as Bad as Democrat Rules

A lot of what I write about here bashes Democrats.  Partly because I have long associated myself with the Republican party; self-criticism is a gift. Further, we have a radical Democrat in office backed by a liberal Congress in both chambers.  And the last reason that I go after Dems more than Repubs is that the errors of the Leftists can impact economies and States.  The errors of the conservatives, while damaging, typically are not impacting on the same scale.

With that said, I know I hammer the Left.  But I can’t let this one slide.

I am as big a supporter of the Arizona law as you might find.  I think that it’s fine for a State to make a Federal law a State law.  Even more so when that Federal law is meant to protect the State but isn’t enforced.  I don’t think the law will result in profiling that doesn’t already take place and I don’t think that it results in the restriction of people’s Liberty.

Be that as it may, I absolutely think that we place too many restrictions on people to make a life here in America.  Basically, if you wanna come here and work, I say “Come on in!”.

And going just a bit further, I wanna remove restrictions based on almost everything that we restrict on now today, including language:

Raleigh, N.C. — A state lawmaker introduced a bill Wednesday that would require anyone seeking a North Carolina driver’s license to be able to speak, read and write English.

Why in the world should it matter if a person can speak, read or write English to obtain a driver’s license?  I agree that a person should have to understand English road signs, which is why I would do away with all of the various tests:

The state Division of Motor Vehicles offers its written driver’s tests in nine languages – English, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese – and people who speak none of those languages can take the test orally with the help of a translator.

But to restrict the right to drive because someone can’t speak, read or write English?  Too far.

Look, we speak English here and I respect your right to speak whatever language you wanna speak.  We won’t ask you to learn English if you don’t ask us to learn your language.  THAT I am fine with.

Restricting Liberty….

Not so much.

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  1. Now just stop making me agree with you! it’s turning my world upside down.

  2. Now just stop making me agree with you!

    Heh heh…Republicans are just as guilty of making bad rules.

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