Ooohh, That Dog'on Religious Right!

I hate it when opportunities are lost.  And I hate it even more when people go out of their way to make things tougher.  But it would seem that the religious right continues to insist that the restriction of Liberty is no good; unless it’s them that’s doing the restriction.

Mr. Obama has had a number of nominees to various posts held up by Congressional Republicans.  I’m gonna say that in many cases there may be cause.*  On the other hand, in others, this is simply political gamesmanship that has no other reason but to buy favors.  So, the good President has done what many who have come before have done; he engaged in recess appointments.

One of these recess appoints is a woman named Chai Feldblum.  Ms. Felblum is a Professor at Georgetown, specifically at the Law Center in Georgetown.  She has been appointed to be 1 of 5 commissioners of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  And what worries the Right, especially social conservatives, is the fact that Ms. Felblum is an outspoken supporter of gay rights.

Umm, I don’t have an issue with that.

I don’t get it.  I don’t understand how the same people, who make such strong and valid arguments against the restriction of rights and Liberty by our government can, with a straight face, claim that somehow, in this case, they are just okay with those same restrictions.  It would appear that Ms. Liberty is a fickle date.

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