Where Are All the Jobs Going?

When we look backwards, it’s easy.  We see that as we lost steel working jobs and coal mining jobs to various other countries around the world, we found other more value added jobs here.  We became technology leaders in fields such as IT and medical care.

However, looking forward is much harder.  Both in vision and on the soul.  We literally can’t see the type of industry that we will identify and advance in.  That industry that will provide the new jobs of tomorrow.  Further, we view tomorrow with trepidation wondering what role this new world order has in store for us.

It’s valid.  Life is somewhat hard.  It requires grown up planning and grown up work.  It requires sacrifice, often times significant.  But fear can not stop advancement.  And advancement initiates creative destruction.  My advice; learn smelting.  Because stone is a thing of the past:

Hat tip:  Mark Perry at Carpe Diem

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