Where Red is Blue and Blue is Red

I have been following the WCPSS drama for nearly three years now.  Besides the pure raw emotion poured into this debate, the shocking role reversal has been astounding.  Now, you would be hard pressed to find anything more local than a school board; perhaps a Home Owners Association or maybe a PTA board, but really, for all intents and purposes, the local school board is as close to the people as government is going to get.  And with that in mind, the folks involved, on both sides, really do try and give the appearance that they are not affiliated with any major political party.

But they are; they all are.

The support and the money breaks too neatly down party lines for it to be ignored.

All of which gives me a moment’s pause.  You see, when it really comes down to it, we have conservatives acting like liberals and liberals acting like conservatives.   And I say that from a conservative view-point.  See, normally, we on the right are acting from a standpoint of Liberty and freedom.  But here, the Republicans are acting like they can ignore such things.  For example, given two quotes, tell me which is the conservative and which is the liberal:

Politician One:  “We have to do something and move forward,” Politician One said. “Parents have a right to decide if they want a year-round school.”

Politician Two:  “If we’re talking about doing away with year-round schools, we’ll have to raise taxes,”

See what I mean?  You can’t tell.  You can’t tell because you know what the answer SHOULD be, but because I have been ranting you feel suspicious.  In this topsy tervyy world that is WCPSS, you have conservatives claiming they have a “Right” to select the location of their public education and you have a liberal resisting a tax increase.  Amazing.

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