Don't Be a Turkey: Czar

Really.  All ya’ll.  Just get out of the way and let people make decisions that reflect their best interests.  If you do that, wonderful wonderful things will happen.  All by themselves!

Like in previous years, you probably didn’t call your local supermarket ahead of time and order your Thanksgiving turkey this year. Why not? Because you automatically assumed that a turkey would be there when you showed up, and it probably was there when you showed up “unannounced” at the grocery store to select your bird.

The reason your Thanksgiving turkey was waiting for you without an advance order? Because of “spontaneous order,” “self-interest,” and the “invisible hand” of the free market – “the mysterious power that leads innumerable people, each working for his own gain, to promote ends that benefit many.” And even if your turkey appeared in your local grocery stores only because of the “selfishness” or “corporate greed” of thousands of turkey farmers, truckers, and supermarket owners who are complete strangers to you and your family, it’s still part of the miracle of the marketplace where “individually selfish decisions lead to collectively efficient outcomes.”

The entire process of raising turkeys for slaughter is timed so that a huge demand is met with a huge supply, but not TOO much of a supply.  And nobody, not even ONE body, is in charge of making it so.

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