Color Me Shocked

Or, wherein North Carolina looks like Minnesota.  It would appear that a Government entitlement program is way over budget:

The government health insurance program for low-income children, older adults and the disabled is at least $150 million over budget through the first quarter of the fiscal year.

The best part?  The best part isn’t that we are over budget.  I mean really, how could a government program really be expected to come in under budget?  Nope, the best part is that we are over by $150 million THROUGH THE FIRST QUARTER!

Part of the reason we are so far over?

About half of the cost overruns are because of delays in federal approval of some cuts proposed by the state Department of Health and Human Services to save money.

Yup.  In order to save money we have to cut services [ only a foretaste of the Obamacare feast to come ] and then we are delayed even in doing that because one government bureaucracy can’t communicate with another in a timely manner.

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