The Future is Now

This is what Obama thinks is better:

Raleigh, N.C. — Wake County officials have temporarily closed the county’s H1N1 vaccine clinics due to a depleted supply of the vaccine.

To be fair, Wake County is reporting:

“While the five Wake County H1N1 clinics that opened this morning have run out of vaccine, many physicians and pharmacies in our community do have vaccine available.” said Wake County Community Health Director Sue Lynn Ledford.

And here comes more news of tomorrow:

The closure started at 4 p.m. after the county distributed more than 6,000 doses of the vaccine at five clinics.

Karen North waited in line two hours to get her sons vaccinated at the Public Health Center, G-35, 10 Sunnybrook Road in Raleigh, on Monday.

Can you say Soviet bread lines?

Soviet Bread Line

Are they waiting for bread or medicine?

And the most chilling part?

“At this point, we are just trying to prioritize and get those patients who would benefit from it the most right now,” said Dr. Sharmell Wilson, of Growing Child Pediatrics.

You can ration by price or you can ration by fiat.

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