About as Good as You Could Hope For

I posted yesterday about a North Carolina Democrat that was going to vote against the health care bill; and he did.  I also mentioned that we needed Heath Shuler; and we got him.  The ones we missed I knew we were going to miss.

  • G.K. Butterfield, District 1
  • Bob Etheridge, District 2
  • David Price, District 4
  • Mel Watt, District 12
  • Brad Miller, District 13

Those that voted against:

This dog of a bill made its way through the House but will have a much tougher way finding its way through the Senate.  First, it has to get 60 votes to prevent a filibuster and I don’t think it will get that.  The Senator from Connecticut seems to have committed that he will not support the bill.  Further, there are several Democrats that are more fiscally conservative than others, and they may save the day.  Further, thhe vote in Virginia and in Jersey may be weighing on these guy’s minds; American’s don’t want this thing.

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