I LIKE This Guy

I just finished a post about Minnesota Democrats being split on the health care bill.  Good for them.  Then I lamented the fact that they just be holding out for more “what’s in it for them.”  Shame on them.

Note to Minnesota Democrats; THIS is how ya git’er done!

WASHINGTON — North Carolina Rep. Mike McIntyre has announced that he will vote against a $1.2 trillion health-care bill in the House of Representatives, saying that reform needs to fiscally responsible and done in targeted steps.

Not only is McIntyre standing up for what is fiscally sound, but he is doing it at significant risk to his standing within the Democratic party:

President Barack Obama met with Democratic lawmakers in closed-door meetings Saturday to woo last-minute commitments.

I like the use of the word “woo.”

But even more than this, Rep. McIntyre actually articulates his reasons.  And these aren’t the normal crappy politician speak we normally hear from these folks:

  • The bill “costs way too much – more than $1 trillion dollars on top of a $12 trillion national debt.”
  • It doesn’t address long-term health costs.
  • It raises too many taxes and includes new requirements “that will harm the ability of too many small businesses to compete and create jobs.”
  • “It tries to do too much too soon, instead of targeted changes that can immediately help people.”

Republicans should grab this guy and thank him for the two gifts he has delivered:

  • Voting against this bill.
  • Publicizing the Conservative’s objections to this bill better than Conservatives.

Now all we have to do is work on Rep. Heath Shuler.

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