12,000 Jobs Created

Minnesota is reporting that they have saved or created nearly 12,000 jobs due to the stimulus package. That’s more than 1 per lake, and Minnesota has a lot of lakes!

So, how much stimulus money did Minnesota get? About $4.7 billion.
How much has Minnesota spent? About $1.6 billion.
So, at this rate, how many jobs is Minnesota predicting? 35,000.
And the White House, how many did THEY predict? 66,000.

So, even using their own numbers, the White House and Minnesota is falling short by 47% of the predicted total, or 31,000 jobs.

And the jobs that WERE created? Let’s see:

  • $16.6 million to put 5,800 youth to work over the summer.

So, let’s see.  The state spent $16.6 million to hire a bunch of kids for the summer?  And that counts as a job saved or created?  So, really, what Minnesota is saying is that they saved or created 6,200 jobs.  5,800 high school kids having summer jobs doesn’t count.

Way to go Minnesota!

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