Changing of the Guard

Well, for better or for worse, it happened.  The folks in Wake County who have opposed the Diversity Plan won.  And they won big.  I can only imagine that this means they are going to try and break down the work that has been done to ensure that schools maintain a balance of economically challenged families and non-economically challenged folks.

I have been torn in the days leading up to this election.  I am almost totally Libertarian.  Therefore I mostly disagree with the folks on the left when it comes to the economy and those on the right when it comes to things related to the social issues.  Schools always get me.  Every time.  And so it was this time as well, though even harder.

See, the left always wants to throw more money at the problem and protect the teachers in a Union kinda way.  And that NEVER works.  Ever.  You always get the lowest common denominator and the “enterprise” suffers.  But jeez, this Diversity thing has legs.  I really think it makes better schools.  The kids are better off and they learn more and we just don’t end up failing as many kids as we otherwise would.  So I sided with the Dems on this one.  Not because I think more money is the answer; or teachers unions [I hate ’em], but because the diversity strategy is an awesome tool in the toolbox.

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