Not the End, but The Beginning of Worse

I was reading the News and Observer this morning and saw that Smithfield Packing finally succumbed to the kudzu that is Unions.

Smithfield Packing, union agree on NC contract

TAR HEEL, N.C. — Smithfield Packing Co. and a union that worked for years to organize a huge North Carolina slaughterhouse say they have agreed on their first contract for the plant.

I have not yet taken the time to check and see if Smithfield Packing is a publicly traded company or not, but I am sure that the value of this company just took a 10% hit.  Not only that, but employment in the company went down today as well.

I repeat, there is nothing, not ONE thing that is good about unionization within a company.  Unless, of course, you are a Union official.

Unions effectively tax …  [company] investments by negotiating higher wages for their members, thus lowering profits. Unionized companies respond to this union tax by reducing investment. Less investment makes unionized companies less competitive.

And a less competetive company is a company that is not as valuable as a more competitive compant.  If you need further proof that Unionization is a bad thing, take a look at the States with the highest unemployment rates and see how many of them are Union states and how many are right to work.

Heck, I’ll save ya the time:

1 Nebraska Right to Work
2 North Dakota Right to Work
3 South Dakota Right to Work
4 Wyoming Right to Work
5 Utah Right to Work
6 Iowa Right to Work
7 Montana Forced Union
8 Oklahoma Right to Work
9 New Hampshire Forced Union
10 New Mexico Forced Union
41 Kentucky Forced Union
42 DC Forced Union
43 Tennessee Right to Work
44 Ohio Forced Union
45 North Carolina Right to Work
46 Nevada Right to Work
47 California Forced Union
48 South Carolina Right to Work
49 Oregon Forced Union
50 Michigan Forced Union

Interesting list, huh?

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